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Reduce Your Energy Costs
Are you interested in lowering your facility’s monthly utility bills? Is it worth a few minutes of your time to learn how to upgrade and modernize your lighting, mechanical and process equipment at no additional cost? Would you be willing to invest energy savings in new technology that will improve your plant’s productivity and operating efficiency?

Invite an Energy Services specialist to visit your facility and assess your business’s energy saving opportunities. Our energy audit will recommend the latest in energy efficient technologies to help you reap the most savings from your investment. We typically cut our client’s lighting bills by 60%.

Preliminary Audit
Electrical trucksA lighting retrofit begins with an expert facility-wide audit of all existing lighting systems. After our preliminary meeting, we will schedule a technical audit that will identify each and every lighting fixture in your facility, by building and room number. Our inspection will include closets, storage areas, and restrooms. The following information is recorded for each fixture type found in each area:

  • Location description : Annual hours of operation (lights)
  • Fixture quanity: Fixture type (lamps/ballasts)
  • Light measurements in representative areas are taken
  • Retrofit strategy is determined at a Technical Review meeting with the facility manager/plant manager.

Technical Review
New energy savings electricalTechnical issues and decisions regarding retrofit strategies are discussed in detail at this meeting, recommend the most energy efficient retrofit taking into consideration cost, pay back, energy savings, resultant light levels and lighting quality, as well as issues relating to future maintenance of the recommended equipment. In many cases it is possible to reduce the number of lamps in a fixture, by installing a mirror-like reflector, repositioning the new energy efficient lamps and installing a solid-state electronic ballast in place of the older magnetic ballast.

Report and Recommendations
Once the specific needs of your facility are agreed upon, prepare a detailed analysis of your facility’s lighting equipment that will include k W before and after; kWh based on hours of operation in each room and area;

a description of existing equipment and the proposed retrofit; the projected energy savings based upon your actual cost of electricity, including demand and energy charges and utility and sales taxes on electricity purchases; a calculation of projected maintenance savings; the capital coast and utility rebate and the net cost and first year pay back calculation. Arrangements are then made for test installations, if necessary, which will include light measurements before and after and selection of lamp type and color (there any many to choose from).

Contract and Installation Phase
Once an agreement is reached, every effort is made to schedule the installation of the work around the needs of the customer’s facility. Expert installation in accordance with all federal, state and local codes in guaranteed all work is done by our own employees under the direct supervision of licensed and experienced project managers.
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